Features of Chinese Casinos Offline and Online

The popularization of gambling in Asian countries was slower than in the rest of the world. Although China has become the birthplace of many disciplines that are in demand today, and according to one version, roulette was invented here, local authorities generally had a negative attitude towards such entertainment for moral reasons. Little has changed today. Games are still banned in most of the country, and all Chinese casinos are concentrated in one area – in Macau. There are many more choices online. Thanks to licenses, gambling sites are available to users from different countries.

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History of casinos in China

Gambling houses began to appear here earlier than in America and Europe. The first establishments opened in the 7th century. For comparison: Portuguese casinos originated in the 12th century, French ones even later.

As the country grew and the economy strengthened, the gambling industry developed steadily. But because of official bans, people had to go underground. Gambling clubs numbered in the thousands, but they were all illegal and under the control of the mafia.

Until the middle of the 20th century, Shanghai was the capital of the gambling business. Casinos occupied entire districts here and offered visitors popular American and European entertainment. Things were no worse in Hong Kong, where people could bet on the street.

After the change of power, the industry was almost completely banned. The only island of freedom was the region of Macau, which belonged to Portugal until 1999.

Gambling business development in China

The Chinese government is trying to protect the citizens of the country from gambling, as here such hobbies are considered something immoral. The law banning the activities of online and offline sites was signed in 1949, and it is still in effect today. Only bookmakers offering bets on horse racing and football do not fall under it. Also, the Chinese can legally play national lotteries. The proceeds from them go to the implementation of state programs.

Macau Gambling Zone

A small region in the south of the country has long been a Portuguese colony. Since it did not impose bans on casinos, after the return of the territory of the PRC, the authorities decided not to change anything and even invested money in the gambling business. For several years, old establishments have been transformed here and many new ones have been opened. Later, Macau began to be compared with Las Vegas.

The legalization of gambling in the city occurred in 1847 during the reign of the Portuguese. But the region began to develop only after more than 100 years. In 1962, STDM acquired the monopoly rights to organize entertainment in Macau. In 2002 it was joined by operators MGM, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts.

Casino in Macau

The city is home to 500 thousand Chinese, and the number of tourists who come here every year is more than 30 million people.

The bet here is made mainly on foreigners, who bring the main profit. Citizens of the PRC, in order to come to Macau, need to stand in line at the checkpoint, have a large amount of money and a visit permit. Officials are not allowed to participate in gambling. This restriction was introduced in order not to create unnecessary temptations for civil servants.

Gambling houses bring up to 70% of the total tax revenue to the city budget.

The flow of tourists traditionally increases towards the summer. From 9,000 to 15,000 people visit local establishments daily.

Popular Chinese offline casinos

All institutions of the Celestial Empire are located at one point – in the former Portuguese colony. There are 41 gambling houses in Macau, but the authorities plan to increase their number for tourists. Which of the offline sites are the most popular today:

NameNumber of machinesPeculiarities
Venetian Macau1500The largest entertainment center on the peninsula and in the world. There is nothing like it even in Las Vegas. The complex includes a casino, shopping centers, restaurants and a hotel with 3,000 rooms. The institution got its name thanks to the real canals along which the gondolas go. There are also similarities with Venice in architecture.
grand lisboa800One of the most beautiful and oldest casinos in Macau, founded during the reign of the Portuguese. In 2007, restoration was carried out here, and the institution began to look even better. The building was built in the form of a huge flower on a pedestal. This club was the first in China to start hosting poker tournaments. Here is the largest room in Asia.
Wynn Macau500This small casino compared to other casinos has become popular among fans of large bets. The design is close to Las Vegas with oriental touches. Tourists praise Wynn Macau for a very high quality of service.
The Sands Macau1500The first American-style gambling house on the peninsula. Visitors are waiting for a wide selection of slot machines, live music, a buffet table and other attributes of a rich life. You can get to the casino in an hour from Hong Kong by boat.
city ​​of dreams1000There are 3 popular hotels on the territory of the complex. You can play slot machines and roulette on the ground floor. There are 10 restaurants, 4 SPA centers and boutiques.
Galaxy Rio500A small club that borrowed all the best from Chinese culture. Casino halls have a modest area, but they can play all popular table disciplines and slots. They also accept sports betting.
MGM Grand800The building of the complex of 28 floors accommodates more than 1000 hotel rooms, as well as a large hall with tables and slot machines for gamblers. The rich interior of the institution is famous for exotic plants, statues and fountains. The MGM Grand is the only bar in the world where you can drink whiskey made in Macau.
Altira Macau1000The complex of 38 floors, reaching 160 meters. In addition to slot halls, there are 260 hotel rooms, a swimming pool, a spa, a club and several restaurants.

In some places, customers who purchase chips for a certain amount are offered free soft drinks.

The gambling business is of great importance for the economy of the state. Chinese casinos annually bring hundreds of millions of dollars of income to the country’s budget. Moreover, the revenue comes mainly from wealthy foreigners.

The quality of service here is not worse than in the American establishments of Las Vegas. The state is extremely interested in expanding the local gambling market. The territory of Macau is constantly developing, new casinos, hotels, restaurants are emerging here. Their incomes are highly taxed, but thanks to the popularity of the peninsula among wealthy tourists, everyone remains in the black.

How to start playing online

The ban on casino activities also applies to the Internet. Local authorities restrict the operation of payment systems related to the gambling industry, do not allow servers and websites to be opened in the country. Foreign platforms are also strictly regulated. Many have been blocked.

To get out of the situation, companies register offices in other countries. But the choice of entertainment remains oriental. Thanks to this, clubs do not violate the laws of China, and user accounts are safe.

To start playing online, you need to select a site and create an account on it. Some have a no deposit bonus that you can start with without investment. In others, you need to replenish the deposit yourself. Some operators allow users over the age of 21 to participate in gambling entertainment.

Top online casinos from China

This page contains a rating of the largest gambling sites with open registration. Operators were selected according to a number of criteria:

  • License. Legal activity without breaking the law.
  • Number of slots. The catalog contains machines from many well-known providers. There are also board games, including those popular in the Asian region.
  • Bonuses for new clients. When registering and depositing, you can get money and free spins. Some sites have a loyalty program with rewards for activity.
  • Support. Works around the clock.
  • Mobile version. You can download the application to your smartphone.

All of them provide wide gaming opportunities and high quality service. Information about operators can be found on their websites.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I play in Chinese Online Casinos from my country?

If the operator in the country is not blocked, then you can. Otherwise, you will get an error when you try to open the site.

Is it possible to turn on the English language?

Some sites offer this option. But many sites are translated only into English.

What currencies can be deposited?

You can replenish your account in dollars and euros. Casinos in China are aimed at foreigners.