Where Can You Play Online Blackjack?

This card discipline is one of the three most popular entertainments in online casinos. It can be found almost anywhere. Variants of the rules are different, but the goal is the same – to beat the dealer. In this case, the user seeks to score a number of points close to 21, but not more. If the final score is better than the dealer’s, the player will take the pot. Blackjack at online casinos can have different features. This is the possibility of betting on several boxes, additional payments for collecting combinations, insurance. And strategies and systems help achieve results.

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Where to play blackjack at the casino

This page contains gambling sites with good reviews and favorable conditions for beginners. They differ in bonuses, round-the-clock support service, different types of rules and special offers for users. Each works legally under a license, provides accelerated withdrawal of funds and protection of accounts.

This rating can be recommended to people who are fond of blackjack and gambling in general. To start, you need to register and make a deposit, if the operator does not provide a bonus for creating an account.

What are the types of games

Blackjack can be presented in a casino in different ways. The goals of the participants in them do not change, but additional rules apply in the hands.


He is basic or American. The dealer deals himself one face-up and one face-down card. If the first one is an ace or a ten, he immediately looks at the hidden part of the hand. When a blackjack hits, the distribution stops.


Here the croupier takes the second card after the set is completed by all participants in the party. If he has 21 points, users are returned additional stakes except for insurance.

Black Jack
European blackjack

Basic glossary of terms

Before playing blackjack online in a casino, it is recommended to master some basic concepts:

  • Bankroll. The total number of chips the user has.
  • Doubling. Double the bet.
  • Hit. Take another card.
  • Push. Draw. Declared when the score is equal. The player in this case returns the bet.
  • Ace. The highest card in the deck is an ace.
  • Limit. Restrictions on the size of the bet.
  • Winrate. The ratio of wins to the total number of hands the user participated in.

If you do not know these terms, you can make a mistake and give an advantage to your opponent.

General rules

Online in one party there are as many people as there are boxes marked on the table. The dealer uses a deck of 52 cards from deuce to ace. Jokers are not used. With a large number of players, the dealer can take an additional set.

As the number of decks increases, the advantage of the gambling platform increases, and the chances of the client winning decrease.

The basic rules depend on the distribution format. Sometimes additional payouts for combinations and other features are available. The most common option will be described below.


The main task of the user is to beat the dealer. You can do this by scoring more points without busting. Many mistakenly believe that they should definitely get 21 points. Therefore, when collecting 17 points or more, it is recommended to stop. This is often enough to bypass the dealer.

Game progress

Before the distribution begins, users place bets and place chips on the appropriate fields of the table. Next, the croupier deals two cards to the party members and one to himself. They all open at the same time. If a player scores 21 points with an ace and tens, he is paid prize money.

Users who do not receive a blackjack can either keep their hand or take an additional card. To do this, you need to tell the dealer “More” or “Enough”.

If a person scores more than 21 points, an automatic loss will be counted, because he has busted.

There are various actions available to users here:

  • Hit. Take another card.
  • Surrender. Leave the hand in exchange for half the bet.
  • Doubling. Put in the same number of chips as were at stake before.
  • Split. Divide the pair into two hands.
  • Insurance. With an open ace at the dealer, you can make an additional bet. If the croupier collects blackjack, the casino visitor will return his money.

Next, the dealer takes the cards for himself. He does this until he collects 17 or more points. At the end of the distribution, the results are summed up and the prize money is paid.

When about a third of the cards remain in the deck, it is shuffled. If she is the only one in the party, this action is repeated every round. Since the deck has not been replenished for a long time, it is important to keep track of which denominations have already left the game.

The meaning of the cards

Each denomination has its own number of points. The version of the rules does not matter.

Jack, queen, kingten
Ace1 or 11
2-102 to 10

The strongest combination is an ace and a ten. Other combinations that give a total of 21 points lose to him.

Game results

As a result of the distribution, there can be three outcomes:

  • User victory. If he has more points than the dealer, the blackjack or croupier has a bust.
  • Draw. Full equality of the account.
  • Casino win. The client has more than 21 points, less points than the dealer, or the last blackjack.

The bank goes to the winner. In case of a draw, bets are returned.

Winning tactics and strategies

Beginners are advised to use the base system. It indicates profitable actions depending on the hand of the dealer and his opponent.

 Dealer’s open card
Player’s hand2335678910BUT

In the table, you need to find the action at the intersection of the player’s cards and the croupier’s. The letters mean the following moves:

  • S – stop.
  • H – take more.
  • D – double the bet.
  • S / h – surrender, if possible, or take more.
  • Sp – split.

The basic strategy works well with one and two decks. Recommended actions are given taking into account mathematical probabilities.

The Martingale system is popular. According to it, you need to double the bet after each failure and return to its initial size when you win.

Common rookie mistakes

Following the strategy does not give one hundred percent result. You can win at blackjack in a casino by reducing the number of disadvantageous actions:

  • Cancellation of insurance rates. It is possible to receive payment on it in 30% of cases.
  • Less doubling. With this action, the user is given one card, which often turns out to be useless. This move must be made if the dealer has an open ace or ten.
  • Correct split. It is recommended to split eights, sevens and aces. It is not profitable to do this with other cards.

It is better to choose tables with classic rules and one deck.